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  • you gain important feedback and reference
  • eliminate public complaints
  • you get inspiration for improvement
  • build up loyalty of your clients
  • simple and productive system for fantastic price

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Gain Feedback and Loyal Customers with REF.IO - free of charge for 30 days!

Limassol, May 14, 2012 – the company Primoco Investments Limited launches a new Internet application called Ref.io. The application is the service which enables your clients to evaluate your product, service or work of your employees. Thanks to such feedback, Ref.io creates exceptional statistics of satisfaction, provides the opportunity to react to the complaints in a flexible way, improve services and show your clients that they are important to you... 

Ref.io is a new application of the investment company Primoco Investments Limited which is the publisher of the popular Russian lifestyle portal on travelling called the RUSSIAN TRAVELLER.RU and the Chinese CHINESE TRAVELLER.CN. „Ref.io has got a huge potential for us thanks to possible development and a synergy with other products of the portfolio of our company. Hotels, restaurants, car hire firms, aviation rental companies and others, they all can use our new service. We have got great plans with Ref.io and we would like to have more than 10,000 new clients all around the world during the first year“ claimed Ladislav Semetkovsky, the chief executive of the company.

Your clients always have some feelings about your work, service or product. It can be feeling of happiness, consideration but also disappointment. Except it they can have precious ideas how to improve your services or products. Such feedback does not have to stay only in the form of feelings, it can be collected and transformed into valuable data. As a result you can improve your business, gain even more clients and consequently also higher profit. Ref.io system is the application which helps you to collect the data and evaluate them easily through a mobile phone (QR code) or through a website.

Who is already using the services of Ref.io? Ref.io is suitable for restaurants and hotels, sport and wellness centres, travel companies, e-shops, fairs and conferences, health care institutions, travel agencies, business centres etc. Ref.io is suitable for everyone who want to know the opinion of their customers. 

First 30 days of the licence for Ref.io are free of charge for every client! The application is available in English, Russian, Czech, Slovak, Italian, French, Spanish, and German languages. More information to be found at http://www.ref.io.