Why choose Ref.io?
  • you gain important feedback and reference
  • eliminate public complaints
  • you get inspiration for improvement
  • build up loyalty of your clients
  • simple and productive system for fantastic price

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1. What is Ref.io?

Ref.io is a simple service focused on collecting feedback from your customers. You will provide them with the service or sell a product and they will evaluate it through the web or a mobile QR code.

For example…

You run a restaurant. Your guests come, have a meal and on the table they will find a leaflet with an appeal for evaluation. They are satisfied with the service so they take a picture of the QR code or find the web with the help of mobile web and they will mark your service like at school, using makrs 1 to 5, they can make a comment such as „Delicious meal, the waiter a little bit slow.“

You can then read such evaluation on your private Ref.io page protected by a password where all such data and statistics are collected. 


2. What is the service good for?

If you run a business your surely realize that your service is here to satisfy customers. This means you want them to be happy. But most of the time you do not know what their opinion is. Ref.io can change this. 

Based on the customers evaluations you gain valuable feedback which can help to start up further development and growth of the company. Last but not least, it can increase the profit of the company as you improve your service because the customers will get back to you more often. They will also be sure their opinions are important to you. 

Opinions of customers can also initiate innovation. Especially, if your customers will make comments suggesting what they would improve regarding your service. 


3. How to motivate the customers to make evaluations?

It is easy. They will be asked to evaluate by leaflets of business cards in your retail office or shop. If you operate services via the web, they will spot banners

If you think customers will not be willing to waste their time by evaluation, you can motivate them by discount or prizes. Ref.io includes fully automated system that is able to grant prizes of your choice according to your setting (such as every fifth customer). 

Minimal loss can bring maximal amount of valuable data. 


4. What do I pay for if I buy the service?

If you order Ref.io for a month or a year, you pay a single month fee of 9.90 EUR or annual 100 EUR which enables you to enter the system and use all its advantages

You will get your own private Ref.io page protected by a password which will enable you to add and take away offices or retail shops, create your questions manage prizes and announcements, watch statistics and print our personalized materials with appeal to evaluate. All is included in the price, there are no hidden fees. 


5. Material appealing to make evaluations – how does it work?

Easily. After login into private zone of the system you click on the section Materials and you will download readymade leaflets, business cards of various sizes or QR codes. Of course, all will be tailored to your service or your product

Material have unified design in the corporate colours of the Ref.io service, if you wish to have a special design containing the image of your company, it is not a problem. You can contact us and we can prepare materials with your own design. 


6. How will the customers evaluate my company?

It is like at school – they will mark from 1 (maximal satisfaction) to 5 (maximal dissatisfaction). If you are asking about the way, it it either through the website (a special website that they will find on the leaflet or a business card or by a QR code of which they will take a picture in a mobile phone and then send it. 

You do not have to worry, the system of evaluation is really user-friendly, your customers will manage it for sure. 


7. Where can I find the evaluations of my customers?

On the Internet you will log into your private zone on the website Ref.io. You can click on the retail shop and you can see all the details of the statistics. 


8. What is QR code?

QR is a simple 2dimensional bar code which was developed in Japan. The abbreviation QR stands for Quick Response and it is used for quick decoding of information hidden in it - the instructions for evaluation of your retail can also be hidden there. The client obtains the necessary information by just taking picture of the code on the mobile phone camera which will decode it with the help of special software. It is nothing difficult or striking, almost all mobile phones with a camera can decode QR codes. All you have to do is to download the free software for decoding.


9. Are my statistics safe against the competitors? 

Yes, for sure. You or a person chosen by you can access the data. So if there are for example two executives of a company, both of you can have your own access. The private zone of the Ref.io service can only be accessed after login with the help of a password. Competitors thus cannot see your evaluations. 


10. Why should I use Ref.io and not other ways of feedback collection? 

The complex Ref.io system is only one of the options how to collect feedback from your customers. However, it is the most universal and complex of all. We have summarised the options in this article. 


11. What happens 30 days after ordering of the testing version? 

The service will stop working. If you decide to go on and use it further, the system will first ask you to pay the monthly or annual fee. You do not have to worry, nothing will be activated without your approval. 


12. What if I do not know how to handle the system? Is it difficult?

You do not have to worry, the system works on really intuitive user basis and is very simple. Moreover, we have prepared a users‘ manual which will lead you step by step your first use of the application. The manual will be sent to you after ordering the service. 


13. How soon after ordering the service will the service be activated?

The testing version immediatelly. The paid version immediatelly after the receiving the payment on our bank account. Generally in acouple of hours. 


14. A technical problem regarding the service has appeared. What shal I do?

Simply contact us. Our technical support will contact you as soon as possible. 


15. Where can I learn more about the service?

All necessary information is described in Profile of appplication.

Have you not found the reply to your question? Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to assist you.